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    What are some of the topics or things that you want to talk about during the first date? Mine are what kind of movies and music that they're into

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    Most of the time I just let the guy be the one who asks me a question. If he's the silent type, I'll just ask him what he's into


    • XperiencedVirgin
      XperiencedVirgin commented
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      Then, would that be all? What are the usual questions that you ask?

    • Airbind
      Airbind commented
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      It is awkward when your date is a silent type of guy. I want men to be conversationalist. That is, they need to be talkative.

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    We often talk about the basics. I'm more cautious with what to avoid which is religion and politics


    • morelove
      morelove commented
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      Have you actually been on a date where you talked about religion or politics?

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    I just try to find out what are the things that he's into in the hopes of finding out if we have something in common


    • youngsterme
      youngsterme commented
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      And what are you going to do if you don't have anything in common with him?

    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      youngsterme that might be their last date since she wants to be with someone who's into the same things as she is.

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    I try to avoid probing deeper into his personal him like the 100 Q &A and vise versa. I want us to feel comfortable with each other. Anyways, if we truly like each other, there should be more dates coming.


    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      Have you actually tried that deep probing thing that you're talking about?

    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      Of course, there should be light moments on having dates with men. There is no need to inquire for lots of things. If there is a spark, then you could go on and on and on.

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    I guess trying to stick on the basics so that things will not be awkward for the both of you


    • Annalyn
      Annalyn commented
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      So, what are the basics that you have on your mind? Would that be hobbies and the like? How about talking weird things? In that way, you would see if your date is a regular person or has some geekiness on himself.

    • Lookingforlovin
      Lookingforlovin commented
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      What topic do you think will be the one that will make the date an awkward turn?

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    Originally posted by yumyum View Post
    I try to avoid probing deeper into his personal him like the 100 Q &A and vise versa.
    If you every tried that the guy might think you work in law enforcement or something similar


    • ablasta
      ablasta commented
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      Or the other person might also think that the questions are too invasive.

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    Sometimes, people could get nosy. Why not ask him about his previous relationship like why did they break up, who initiated the break up, and other details about his past relationship. If he is open to it, then you could say that he is not hiding something from it. I like open people who are not afraid to tell the truths about themselves.


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      Is it okay to ask his hobbies and including his work life? I would like to know if he would have a time for me. If he is a very busy man, then I do not think that we would have a time for me. If he has hobbies which are not similar to what I like, then I would just get bored while he takes care of his hobbies.


      • holleroutyo
        holleroutyo commented
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        Guess that you've been with someone who prioritized his hobbies over you?

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      Sometimes, I get into the weird stuffs. So, there are moments when I open up some philosophy subjects. There are some men who just get silent as they do not know how to tackle the given subject. Well, I like it when they just smile.


      • Marphy
        Marphy commented
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        What were some of the strangest things that you've talked about during a date?

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      I often ask him about politics. I need to make sure that we are on the same side of politics. LOL. I do not want to have a boyfriend whom would go against my political beliefs.


      • Tastyblic
        Tastyblic commented
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        But they say that people should not discuss politics, religion and money as those topics are hotbeds for disagreements and confrontations.

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      We could talk anything under the sun, the moon and the stars. The heck, we could even talk about the universe. Okay, enough with my crap. How about life in general? LOL. Seriously, anything that we could think of.


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        If you're forced into going out with him, I would suggest to talk about how many children the two of you are having and their names lmao.


        • squirrellove
          squirrellove commented
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          Why are you thinking that she's being forced by the guy to talk about him? And why are you suggesting that she acts like a woman who has everything planned in her life?

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        If all you want from him is his dick, then might as well talk about some of your favorite positions and how you're going to suck his dick dry lol.