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  • Hospital Romp

    Does any of you have naughty or raunchy stories that happened in the hospital?

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    I gave my fubu a handjob when he was hospitalized to remove his tonsil


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      My ex was hospitalised because he had a motorcycle accident. He was in there for three weeks. It sucked of course. So whenever I went to visit him i would blow him or give him handy's because I was scared to get caught. One afternoon I went there he was already hard as a rock, I've never seen such a hard dick before so anyway i was there just staring at it while he was stroking it. He asked me to come closer and grabbed me by the hips and told me to sit on it. I protested at first because I was scared we'd get caught but hell I was feeling a lot hornier that scared so it thought Fuck it and went on to ride his amazing dick into the sunset.


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        wow that sounds so hot, did you get caught?

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      No, but i wish I can. I've had that doctor patient fantasy for a long time


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        When I was hospitalised due to intolerable cramps, My ex fingered me when the nurses weren't around. Lol