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  • Who Would Play You?

    If your life would be turned into a movie, who do you want to play you? Mine would be Jessica Alba

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    If we're talking about up to this stage in my life, maybe someone like Melissa Benoist or Shailene Woodley


    • #3
      Middle aged would be played by either Selma Hayek or Eva Longoria and the early to mid-20's me can be played by the lead in Jane The Virgin


      • hardandrough
        hardandrough commented
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        I think that Eva Longoria is a better choice rather than Salma Hayek

    • #4
      It would be this guy from Stranger Things and maybe Fat Chris Pratt for the older version of me


      • yumyum
        yumyum commented
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        Whoa! You look like him! Well, you already know what you would be looking like in 20 years' time!

      • HoneyHoney72
        HoneyHoney72 commented
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        Awwww Alexei! That poor innocent Smirnoff shot to death. Gahd, no more season 4 please! It's just too much for me. #StrangerThingsFan #NoMoreStrangerThings4

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      Since I look a bit similar to Jennifer Lopez then I would like her to portray me in the movie.


      • merrygoround
        merrygoround commented
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        Guess that you have the booty as well? lol

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      Would it be okay if I ask for Angelina Jolie? lol. Well, you asked me, right?


      • jerda201
        jerda201 commented
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        Dreaming costs nothing. We can dream all we want. Achieving those dreams, however, is not free. Mostly, it would be costly.

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      Since I really enjoyed her Netflix movie and comedy special, I hope that Ali Wong would play as me in my biopic


      • Annalyn
        Annalyn commented
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        But why should an Asian to portray you?

    • #8
      Since I'm on the heavier side, it would be a toss coin between Aidy Bryant and Rebel Wilson


      • rockmybedpls
        rockmybedpls commented
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        But would you consider someone lean to portray you? There are movies which are based on true stories or based on fairy tales but were never portrayed properly by the actors.

      • Carlosa34
        Carlosa34 commented
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        rockmybedpls there might be another reason as to why she has chosen them and she just mentioned the obvious reason as to why she wanted them to play her

    • #9
      A bald James McAvoy or the actor who played Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) in the show Gotham


      • Danica505
        Danica505 commented
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        Do you really need a bald actor to portray you? Maybe, you are after a more realistic portrayal.

      • bemine
        bemine commented
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        I think that Anthony Carrigan is a much better choice rather than James McAvoy

    • #10
      Maybe someone like Nina Dobrev or Vanessa Hudgens


      • J3nnyTalia
        J3nnyTalia commented
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        Vanessa Hudgens looks similar to you!

      • TastyLove
        TastyLove commented
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        MoiraMcTagarrt you go with Nina Dobrev so that I would get Vanessa Hudgens lol

    • #11
      It depends on what part of my life would they focus on. A younger me can be played by Rihanna and if it would be during my adult years, it would be Zoe Saldana


      • CupcakeTea
        CupcakeTea commented
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        Rihanna would do good for you even on your adult years as they could do some makeups and prosthetics to make her old.

    • #12
      I wouldn't mind if Karen Gillan would play as me if she doesn't mind going blond


      • KellyEM
        KellyEM commented
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        Maybe Paris Hilton can be a good match for you also

    • #13
      Somebody like Sarah Shahi or Nasim Pedrad


      • #14
        Busy Philips or Michelle Williams are my dream actors who would play as me if movie producers think that my life is interesting enough


        • LoveShove
          LoveShove commented
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          Do you feel that you live a normal life that's why you don't think that your life is interesting enough?

      • #15
        Haven't really thought about it since I feel that it's just a waste of time and money if they would make a movie out of my life


        • BeautifulCupful
          BeautifulCupful commented
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          Are you thinking that your life is not that interesting enough to be turned into a movie?