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  • Million Dollar Shopping Spree

    Do you guys think that you can easily spend a million dollars in a single day? We're talking about just buying basic things like clothes, shoes, furniture, and gadgets. So buying a house or a vehicle is not included on this one.

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    Yes, I think I can spend a million dollars in a single day. I'm going to buy anything and everything my family wants from shoes, clothes, computers, etc...


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      Sounds like you have a really large family if you're going to have a shopping spree with them.

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    That's an easy one for me since I can buy all the gaming consoles that I want and have a huge loft that is filled with gaming pc's and consoles.


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      That's really a lot of money to waste on a single day. Are we only talking about the material things to buy? because I'll be buying every plane tickets I can find and spend a nice vacation with someone.


      • fucklove
        fucklove commented
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        I think those ones don't count cos they are not your basic necessities in life. You can pick foods, clothes and something that you can't live without.

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      Maybe I'll just hoard those expensive phones and I'll start a business on selling phones but I think I'm just wasting my million dollars on this one.


      • smartass
        smartass commented
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        Yeah, I think that you're just wasting your money if you're going to try and buy and sell smartphones. Might as well give those phones instead than try to resell them.

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      I think that buying everything in the Supreme or Off White store will reach a million bucks already.


      • AnnieP
        AnnieP commented
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        So you wouldn't mind buying over priced stuff and being called a hypebeast? lmao

      • SmileDemiSmile
        SmileDemiSmile commented
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        Are you also going to buy the weird products that Supreme is selling? Like the drum set or guitar?

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      I really like buying boots, shoes, heels, and accessories and so If I got a million-dollar to spend then I'll go with Stuart Weitzman shoes and buy myself a nice pair of shoes that I can find.


      • XtineA
        XtineA commented
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        Those really are expensive like Jimmy choo. For me, I spend more money on nice dresses and perfumes.

      • KellyEM
        KellyEM commented
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        How much is a pair of that Stuart Weitzman shoes that you're talking about?

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      I don't think I can easily spend a million dollars with those kinds of items because I always buy my clothes on sale and I am being practical.


      • MoiraMcTagarrt
        MoiraMcTagarrt commented
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        Think of it this way. If you have a million dollars right now, you can buy any clothes that you like that are not on sale.

      • Annalyn
        Annalyn commented
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        You don't need to be practical for this one since you have a million dollars that you can spend with anything that you want.

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      Definitely going to try my best to spend it all. If there is still an extra even if we shopped at every store out there, I might go to a bar or restaurant and pay for the meals of all of their customers.


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        Yes, I can easily do that. I will just replace all my old furnitures at my place with new ones. And if I still have a few extra, I might buy my parents new furnitures as well for their place.


        • rockmybedpls
          rockmybedpls commented
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          That's really sweet of you. Can't believe that you're going to buy furniture for your folks.

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        Maybe I can spend them alone on bikinis, g-strings, and thongs lol. My room or closet will be overloading with underwear after my shopping.


        • BiancaG
          BiancaG commented
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          You sound like a bikini underwear model just by looking at you. Will you consider buying granny panties? Lol.

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        I am a big-time spender when it comes to gadgets as well as my boyfriend and we might gather all the electronics that we find amazing and worth the money.


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          I don't think I can spend a lot of money as you talk about and it's millions. I am a cheapskate and it won't ever happen in my life that I will spend a lot of money on clothing, furniture, gadgets, etc.