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  • States Of Love And Trust

    When you're in a relationship, are you the type who checks your partners phone or social media accounts? Or you've been with someone who's the one who checks your accounts?

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    Not really the type who does that to my partner. If you trust him or her enough, you don't need to do such a thing


    • Janbaby
      Janbaby commented
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      Indeed, people nowadays think that it's okay to check their partner's phone and social accounts even without permission which I find very disrespectful.

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    The only time I'm willing to do such a thing, is when he is the one who tells me that I can check them


    • KellyEM
      KellyEM commented
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      Yes, or he gives you permission to check out his phone.

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    My ex was like that because we are an LDR so he always checks my social media. He also asks my social media accounts.


    • hitthesack
      hitthesack commented
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      Do you the same thing to his accounts or not?

    • TastyLove
      TastyLove commented
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      hitthesack Nope, but he is willing to give his account to me but I refuse to check it.

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    I always like to check his social media especially his facebook because some girls are trying to flirt with him.


    • honesty101
      honesty101 commented
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      Is he fine with it or not? Because you're stepping out of line already if you do it behind his back

    • CupcakeComments
      CupcakeComments commented
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      I always ask permission though. but sometimes it was the start of a fight.

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    If I have a girl that acts like that I instantly dump her.


    • AudreyA
      AudreyA commented
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      Not sure if you can easily find a guy if you dump them that fast

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    I give importance to privacy so doing that is against my principles.


    • newromance
      newromance commented
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      Yeah, and it's not all about principles only, it's all about respect also.

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    This is something I will never do, those who do this lack trust to their partners not to say that they are violating there partner's right to privacy.


    • Mor2thisIknoe
      Mor2thisIknoe commented
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      Even if your partner has a history when it comes to cheating?

    • Carlosa34
      Carlosa34 commented
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      Mor2thisIknoe I think that's a totally different conversation already if the guy is a known cheater

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    Yes, I admit that I do that sometimes it's not because I do not have trust in him, it's because I do not have trust to the people around him.


    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      Why don't you trust any of his friends?

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    Never been with who's like that. Also I sometimes let her be the one to look at my notifications if I'm doing something


    • MasQue
      MasQue commented
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      And do you think that she's secretly checking other things the same time that she's looking or reading the notifications on your phone?

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    I never did this because I know how annoying it is when someone is going through your accounts without your permission.


    • fistingfatties
      fistingfatties commented
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      Agree, doing something like this only means lack of trust.

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    I did this to my ex-girlfriend, I had a suspicion that she was cheating on me so I checked her Facebook account and it turns out that my suspicion was true.
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    • ManlyBeardMan
      ManlyBeardMan commented
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      So I guess that's why she was now your ex because of your smart move. lol

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    Trust to your partner is very important so doing like this might destroy the relationship.


    • Live2Hunt
      Live2Hunt commented
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      I agree with you. You are just invading his privacy.

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    I'm not the type who would do such a thing since I don't want my guy to look at mine as well


    • SmileDemiSmile
      SmileDemiSmile commented
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      Good to know that your trust on your partner is that strong. It's hard to find someone like you these days

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    I don't like to be monitored and I try not to do it to him too.


    • AnneCubix
      AnneCubix commented
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      Does it mean that if he's going to check your accounts, you would automatically do the same to him?

    • sexyme1
      sexyme1 commented
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      I think it is fair to check on someone's phone if provoked. lol