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I Can't Control Myself Around My Cousin's Wife.

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    Start changing yourself first before you pursue her if you think you are so ugly(which I think is not).


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      Originally posted by BuiltToLast View Post
      I'm confused, You said you were just into satin but in the middle, you are already sexually attracted to her. lol
      Two days ago i attended this backyard party. This woman my cousin's wife was there alone without my cousin. She was wearing this silk chinese long sleeve cheongsam floral pattern red dress and 5 inch heels red shoes. She had full make up on. I walked up to her and hugged her, happily snuggled my face on her massive soft breasts and I simply wrapped my arms around her waist. . I said " I love your dress". .Then i gave her a side hug and i started rubbing her back and her big ass with my left hand and with my right hand rubbing her whole front side concentrating on her massive soft breasts for like 10 minutes . She was just standing stiff as a board, silent and motionless as people watched. Other people there at the party noticed our behavior and they had a confused looks on their faces. .

      She sat on a chair. As i was standing i placed my hands on her shoulders. I was resting my hands on her collar bones. She got up and as she was standing talking to other people i i was rubbing her back, arms, shoulders and her big ass with my both hands as i was standing behind her.

      As we were leaving she pulled me aside and and again she begged me to not grope her in front of other people. She said that she is straight and that she never had any desire to do anything sexual with a female and that just thinking about possibly kissing a female makes her cringe...

      As she was standing in front of me
      I placed my hands on her massive soft breasts and moved them in a circular motions. I said to her "i am not tough and strong. I am tiny short skinny 53year old woman. I am physically completely harmless. You are like 5ft10 tall and and being well endowed well built and curvy always on high heels makes you HUGE! Standing next to you i look like a midget. You are physically stronger than me. But for some reason you cannot, do not, fight me off as you would some male who groped you. Maybe it was just sheer embarrassment to start with. But now you have eroticised that passive reaction. You look forward to it. That is where you are now. It is nothing to be ashamed of. The lesbian issue is almost irrelevant. You need to accept your passive reaction, embrace it, stop fighting it, indeed even enjoy it. To enjoy it sexually does not make you a lesbian. All this guff about gagging on the thought of sucking pussy is a red herring: the issue is your passive surrender. You need to surrender to me entirely. This would not endanger your marriage, because you are my cousin's wife." .

      The whole time while i was talking to her I was feeling up, rubbing and squeezing her massive soft boobs with my both hands. She was just standing in front of me stiff as a board, silent and motionless while i was feeling up her massive squishy boobs. She was waiting for me to finish. Then she walked to her car. . .

      Yesterday this woman my cousin's wife wrote to me on Facebook. We had an conversation. She admitted to me that she is getting a sort of meta-pleasure out of the abandonment and handing over of her body, delight at being used for my pleasure. She wrote that it is almost an out-of-body experience for her, watching herself allowing my hands to crawl over her. She wrote that being passive and powerless liberates her from the stress of proper behaviour and that she hates the experience, but it brings a tingle of adrenalin and when i am around, she looks forward to the revolting touch of my hands on her body. .

      What is wrong with this woman my cousin's wife ? She is so tall and big and soft.I just want to have sex with her. But what is wrong with her?