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  • #16
    I have thought of it as a form of payback when I caught her sleeping with her coworker.


    • Cupcakeri
      Cupcakeri commented
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      What made you decide that it was not a good idea to cheat on him as payback?

    • BabyBabu
      BabyBabu commented
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      So it only crossed in your mind but you didn't do it? What made you change your thought about it?

  • #17
    Was so tempted to do it but was eaten away by my conscience and it was his close friend which I disconnected immediately.


    • smoker
      smoker commented
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      That was a bad move if ever you have done it or they will be Eskimo brothers.

    • longneck
      longneck commented
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      yeah smoker glad I made the right decision back then

  • #18
    Yeah, before. I just did that for revenge. my boyfriend that time is also cheating with his one of his circles friends.


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      I accidentally had a one night stand with my workmate before, I was just drunk because we had a fight that night.


      • Annalyn
        Annalyn commented
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        Is it really a one night stand? And did it happen only once?

      • Kristen23
        Kristen23 commented
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        It happened only once, but after that I resigned, because it seems like he likes it and he wants to do it again. Annalyn

    • #20
      I have never ever cheated on my previous relationship. Most of the time the reason why I broke up with them is the third party, or their ex's that they keep them back.


      • #21
        If I am in a relationship, I think that I would date another guy.