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Sex positions for smaller dicks

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    His performance on bed would be a plus but you mentioned that he's a little uncomfortable about trying new things.That could be a problem though. For smaller dicks try doggy and spooning.


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      I think most positions would do, the only thing you need to make him do is to be open to try out new things. So both of you will be both happy.


      • BuiltToLast
        BuiltToLast commented
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        I'm willing to try new things with you

      • holleroutyo
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        Like what? I wanna know first.

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      Doggy style is on the list, this is great for your guy and for you G-spot. This position gives him a feeling of control while the woman can bend forward onto her elbows/forearms and squeeze her legs together to shorten the vaginal canal and make penetration deeper. You'll also be able to grip him tightly to heighten the sensation for both of you.


      • imhornyimhorny
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        Sounds like you've done it with a guy who lacks in the length department

      • halfSlut23
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        Yes, I've done it with a guy who's not packing. He was the one who actually told me about that one

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      That's so kind of you on trying to figure things that would make both of you happy in bed. I think most positions would do, he just needs to double up his performance.


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        The most popular sex position among our readers by far is the 68 Sex Position” says Struyk of this twist on 69 which gives the receiving partner the full focus. The receiving partner lies face up on top of the generous partner, knees bent, legs open, with your butt on their chest. Position pillows around your partner so you can hold some of your weight on your elbows and and forearms. “What makes this position awesome is that it focuses attention on the perineum, a super-sensitive bit of skin between the genitals and anus that often goes neglected,” says Struyk. “We hear from so many people who go totally wild when they're touched here."


        • TastyLove
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          Yeah, it might be an article from a magazine or journal

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          honeyhoney72 well it's kinda for no

        • HoneyHoney72
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          domval okay I believe you then.

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        Most all positions are tough for a man who is lesser endowed. Doggie is not a good position, because he is going to pop out a lot. Missionary can work if the woman has a pillow under her butt. Woman on top is tough, for the same reason that doggie doesn't work well. Scissors position is probably best, because there is less body contact and more penile/vaginal contact.