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  • To continue being like this?

    My best friend has been entertaining different sugar daddies at once to get the financial support that she wants and needs. She lives alone, she's an undergrad in college and she does not have a job. Do you think that it is okay for her to continue being like this?
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    If she will continue on being like that then there would be a chance for her to be with a sugar daddy that might take her seriously. This man would be in a serious relationship with her so she will no longer be a sugar baby that look constantly begging for the things she wants in exchange for money.


    • KellyEM
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      Only if that would be true. It's what you usually see in movies if you're fortunate enough to find someone who will love you despite that you're just like that. Well, I just hope there is someone out there that is for her, even if its one of her sugar daddy, hope he treats her well.

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    She should continue being like that when it is still needed but if she can carry on all by herself then she should leave sugar dating and start working or continuing on with her studies. That's why she's in sugar dating right? To get the financial support that she wants to continue on with her studies or to be able to find a decent job, right?


    • merrygoround
      merrygoround commented
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      I guess that's what she's doing already, she's on her own and still finding ways to make ends meet. Sure she can continue on with her studies while having sugar daddies on the side but if she is planning to look for a job then it is better to stop with just one sugar daddy or have none at all.

    • Vichie
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      I'm not sure that she can survive by herself since she is just relying on the allowance that she's getting from her daddies

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    If it's her only way of survival then it is okay for me that she should continue on with being a sugar baby. Since she is on her own and could make her own decisions in life then maybe she should continue focusing on herself first before she gets back with her studies and finally lands on a job that will suit her well.


    • smartass
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      I think that she should have a plan already considering that her age. Being a sugar baby is a young persons game and once she hits a certain age, she might have a hard time getting a new daddy

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    For me, if she can handle all that responsibility why not? I think it's a skill to have multiple sugar daddies who are supporting you financially I mean, what a life receiving money without even lifting a finger and buying all the things you fancy sign me up.


    • yumyum
      yumyum commented
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      I agree with this guy, it's all about time management if she can handle the pressure and can manage all her sugar daddies and give them equal quality time then she would not have any problems, I'm hoping and dreaming to get even 1 sugar daddy hope I can get one so, I can quit my job.

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    She is a greedy little pig, who only thinks about herself if she is a good sugar baby she should just focus on one sugar daddy and drop all of the others it would be unfair to the people supporting her financially if she is doing a half-assed job as a sugar baby how can she give her all if she gives only parts of herself to her sugar daddies, that is just plain wrong.


    • MasQue
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      Maybe the reason why she has multiple sugar daddies is because the allowance from a single sugar daddy is not enough for her monthly expenses. So I don't think that she's being greedy because she has multiple sugar daddies

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    What big, fat and air-headed slut can't she just be satisfied with one sugar daddy? Is she really that desperate to become rich? why not work hard just like the rest of us instead of relying on your vagina? these kinds of women don't deserve to be called women they are cows in sheep's clothing.


    • longneck
      longneck commented
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      Oooh, so harsh! We do not know the real story behind this friend of hers. Let's just give her a chance to let her stand up on her feet and find ways to survive this through by having sugar dates as her source of income, for now, at least.

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    If her sugar daddies are treating her well, then just let her do it. The only time you should be concerned with what she's doing is when you know that she that she can't manage her time properly
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    • hitthesack
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      Also it looks like she truly enjoys what she's doing it

    • LoveShove
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      If nothing is wrong with her sugar daddies, she is enjoying while receiving benefits then that is a great advantage.

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    If she's the same age as you, maybe it is time to tell her that she needs to get a job and save the allowance that she's getting from her daddies. Because once she hits a certain age, she might end up having problems looking for new sugar daddies


    • Danica505
      Danica505 commented
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      Do you feel that she's too old to still consider herself as a sugar baby?

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    Why not she try and marry one of her sugar daddies already. Because it looks like she has no plans of getting a job and just rely on being a sugar baby for the rest of her life


    • HoneyHoney72
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      You will never know if that sugar daddy can support her for the rest of her life so being married is really not a good suggestion.

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    Considering that she's a proper adult already, it is time for her to be a responsible adult and get a job and not fully rely on her sugar daddies for money


    • XtineA
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      I think that being a responsible adult is the furthest thing on her mind considering she's entertaining multiple sugar daddies

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    I agree that the main reason for having sugar daddies is to seek financial support. Now, why don't you advise your friend to use that support to go back to school to finish her studies so she can establish a good life once she's done since she has multiple Sd's correct? So when the right time comes when she will meet her destiny one day and wants to settle down, there should be backing out and live as a normal couple.


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      No, of course not! It is not okay to continue being a sugar baby for a long time. She is already a college undergraduate, so she could already take various jobs. There is no need to keep on holding to her sugar daddies. It is not all the time that her sugar daddies would be there for her. I think that it is time for her to actually get a new job already.


      • Janbaby
        Janbaby commented
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        I agree. She needs to start standing on her own and not depending on this way to survive.