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Is this a normal request from a sugar daddy?

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  • Is this a normal request from a sugar daddy?

    Need some advice! Mostly wondering if this is a normal request. I've been a sugar baby on and off since I was younger. I don't do it that often anymore (it's hard to keep up with the younger gals, no hard feelings though!) but I am currently seeing one gentlemen who is pretty damn special. He's a bit older, closer to late middle age, which is perfect for me considering my age. Last week he asked me if I could add some therapy to my list of duties. He does some physical therapy and he is wanting me to help out with it in between the therapist visits. He assures me that I am more than qualified. I am just a bit concerned because I don't want to get into a situation where I am a nursemaid plus roll in the hay! Feel like those two jobs should be separate is all.

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    Well, I've definitely seen and heard it all when it comes to being a Baby through my friends. They've set up all sorts of dynamics and rules with their Daddies. It all comes down to your comfort. In relationships, no matter what kind, we all end up doing things that may seem like someone else should be doing them or it's another's job. That's okay! That's part of a relationship. But if you are worried you might be taking the place of this therapist, bring it up with your Daddy. I've heard of some Daddies who are stingy for no reason and they especially don't need to because of the money!


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      I don't think this is too outside the realm of Baby duties, especially consdering this gentleman and yourself are a little older. Needs change as you get older, of course! Ultimately you need to be okay with it. Is your Daddy easy to talk to? I would bring it up with him!


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        I had a daddy once who was older and did a lot of things to help out, like medicine administration and what not. It wasn't that he was too cheap to hire someone; he just preferred that someone he knew do it. And that made me feel really good! I enjoyed taking care of that daddy. It is a totally different dynamic, though, and I think you really need to have a more marternal/mothing instinct.


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          I am feeling so much better now! Super appreciate all of the kind words and insights. I agree that the age makes a huge difference. This is a more relaxed and homey kind of relationship. There isn't as much wining and dining as in my younger baby days. But that's okay! And in case youre wonder: the sex is still incredible.


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            Is it more like a talking kind of therapy? Maybe he just trusts you and likes your opinions and voice...